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We use top of the line GPS technology to help guide our machines for maximum precision on our projects. This creates more efficiency, safety and ultimately, quicker project completion. With our extensive equipment technology and our partnership with SITECH, we are able to complete projects on a much faster timeline than most of our competitors while reducing waste of material. Please see our process below.

Grade Control System

Our team uses Sitech (link to sitech website on grade control) grade control system 2D and 3D with the Trimble Ready system. This powers our efficiency for each project allowing us to be pinpoint accurate on any sized excavation or grading job. Being able to see live cut and fill through the equipment on display GPS.

Drone Survey

Utilizing drone surveying and modeling helps our teams develop a plan for the amount of material we will need to excavate or record progress of any job. Being able to calculate volumetric, linear, area and other quantities helps us create a more accurate plan for you.

Meet Our Team
Robert Pfeil
Pat Hoerr
Project Manager

Continue to develop a knowledgeable, well equipped team capable of completing a wide range of projects.


Execute projects in a safe, efficient manner with a team of hardworking and innovative people and methods.

Our Values
Be Innovative

We are built to think outside the box. We don't just provide services in excavation and demolition but build a better life through our work.

Build value in moving dirt

Moving dirt hasn't changed in a long time. It's about time we look at how we can build more value in moving earth. Excavation can create real value in someone's life by changing the environment around them. We intend on building with value in mind.

Creating experiences

Experiences are worth everything. It is our goal to not just give you a professional finish product, but something to create experiences for you and your family. It could be a farm road rebuilt that your grandkids remember 30 years from now driving down with you, or a pond where they caught their first fish. We want to create these experiences for your family.

Never lose momentum

When we get on a new project, we don't let anything slow us down. We are there to give you a quality project on a quality timeline. With our technology, we are capable of providing the momentum needed to complete each project on time.

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